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Program: Inquiry And Institutionalization Of Student Success Efforts At Tribal Colleges And Universities

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Date Submitted: February 1, 2019 at 10:44 am

Service Topic: Data Collection & Online Form Creation
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Attached is the Kresge pre-survey and post-survey for Red Lake Nation College along with the consent form that should be included prior to starting the surveys.
Please update the surveys (pre & post) as they are slightly different. In addition, there will be a little variation between the surveys for all three TCUs–some of the questions are specific to that TCUs. Can you add the #ing to the surveys? Just a note, the size of some text, fonts, and scale vary. Is there anyway to get them the same size font and size?

Also, you mentioned that you’ve done this before so was wondering if you could send me 2 or 3 links so I can see visually what can be done and is available in terms of formatting?

Thank you!

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herbal abortifacients voc remediation

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Here are the six pre-populated links that you can use for each TCU for Pre-Surveys and then later Post-Surveys. Questions will differ based upon the selection.

Pre-Survey Links:

Post-Survey Links:

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